WM System supports accessibility

WM System is proud to support the non-profit association Mobility Access Pass, aimed at fostering a virtuous society model based on the satisfaction of people’s well-being and ensuring accessibility in public and private spaces.

Commendable is the MAP PASS app developed to allow anyone who needs to geo-locate accessible facilities in real time.

For this reason, WM offers customized and certified access solutions. The inaccessible contexts are many and all different from each other, so the only way to make them affordable for everyone is with customized solution.

In fact, our customizations solve any problem that may arise: it is possible to choose the color of the ramp to be more in harmony with the context in which it will be installed, to create entrance gates or tilting parts if these fall into an area in passing, drill the walking surface to increase adherence and drain the water in case of bad weather and much more.

Our access ramps include also mobile ramps to satisfy those who are looking for a less complex and removable solution, but without ever giving up on custom-made construction.

If you are interested in learning more about this, we recommend to follow the LINK below that connects directly to the Mobility Acces Pass site where you can find various insights on the topic of mobility  avaiable to everyone.