International reunion of dealers WM worldwide

We have decided to bring together in one place all of our exclusive international distributors, in order to exchange information and get feed-back, and transmitting how WM System has evolved, compared to our last meeting in 2014.

The last 4 years have been characterized for us by a strong change that mainly concerned our organizational structure and our image. We have invested in a new project, DYNAMIC workstation, and we have rethought our production system.

In the DNA of our company, finding new solutions, new services and new possibilities, offering customized and modular products, suitable for a wide variety of needs. Finally we focused on a new, more modern and professional image, in line with what we have become today. Starting from the new WM SYSTEM brand, which after 27 years received a restyling of shape and colors.

Today WM has 40 employees all over the world and sells in over 35 countries. This INTERNATIONAL MEETING is a way to consolidate our network and our passion. We thank our collaborators, here present today, who give their best every day, to produce and offer a product of Italian excellence, which is appreciated and sold all over the world. We are grateful for this growth, because thanks to you we have become what we are!

Thank you!